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The Distortion is a Dual Twin Tip designed by the team for all-mountain mayhem. SIMS Transform Camber, a flat camber that rolls into a traditional camber right before the contact points, is loose and easy to pivot off the center, with a solid edge hold through the tip and tail. Park, pipe, powder, the Distortion eats it up.

  • Transform Camber: Transform Camber combines the best of both flat and traditional contours, offering the secure edge hold of conventional camber and the loose flexibility of flat camber for a lively, intuitive ride that feels free yet controlled.
  • MOD 2: This Core combines poplar wood and Paulownia wood native to North America. Paulownia wood is the second lightest, strongest and supple of the woods commonly used in Snowboarding.
  • Tri-Tex: This is Sims' most advanced matrix; a 3-way lay up that combines Light fiberglass at 0º, 45º, and 90º degrees, ensuring unquestionable pop, rebound, flex, and torsion in their highest performance boards.
  • Double I - Carbon: Two tip-to-tail carbon stringers through the center of the core increase torsional rigidity for increased response and control.

Profile: Full Camber
Shape: True Twin
Waist Width: 

  • 149: 245
  • 152: 247
  • 155: 249
  • 158: 252
  • 161W: 263


  • 149: 6.9
  • 152: 7.1
  • 155: 7.4
  • 158: 7.7
  • 161W: 8

Stance Setback: 0
Core: Paulownia wood
Base: Sintered

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